Team Players

Lisac Lisa Carreño President & CEO
707.528.4485 x140
Dominique Dominique Gaitan Accounting Specialist
707.528.4485 x138
Rosemary Rosemary Giacomini Donor Engagement Officer
707.528.4485 x136
Ana Ana Gouveia Community Benefit Coordinator, Health
707.528.4485 x109
Suzanne Suzanne Harris Financial Stability Program Officer
707.528.4485 x108
Kate Kate McFadden Vice President of Finance & Operations
707.528.4485 x105
Ilene Ilene Moran Staff Accountant
707.528.4485 x121
Jennifer Jennifer O’Donnell Executive Vice President of Community Benefit
707.528.4485 x110
Rich Rich Rhodes Vice President of Strategic Engagement
707.528.4485 x102
Nicollette Nicollette Weinzveg Health Program Officer
707.528.4485 x141
Maddie Madelyn Wright Resource Development Manager
707.528.4485 x146
Mindy Wright Mindy Wright Director of Workplace Giving
707.528.4485 x115